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Product Information

Passwan (Pai Si Wan)- 60 Pills

Product Code: PAS62


China National Medicines and Health Products


60 Pills


The Chinese term “LIN” is generally referred to frequent and urgent need to pass water, or obstacle, pain and dripping in making water. There are stones, blood in urine and Old-Age LIN, including such diseases in urinary organs, stones, tuberculosis, chyluria and prostatitis. In the ancient Chinese medical book “Dan Xi Xin Fa”, it says: “LIN” is caused by virtual weakness of kidney and heat in the bladder, the inharmonious “masculine” and “feminine”, and the urgency to urinate in bladder. As a result, blood and stones are carried with urine. This dripping is accompanied with pain.*

Stones, or sandy-like urine, is mainly caused by concentration of “wet and hot” in the body cavity below the umbilicus housing the bladder, kidney and bowels. Heating the body fluid and causing foreign substances in the urine to become sandy-like stones.*

Blood in urine is mainly caused by internal heat in the small intestine. In other words, heat concentrates in body cavity below the umbilicus, causing either blood to circulate in a wrong direction or lungs and kidneys to be weak and feeble. As a result, branches of channels are hurt and blood is seen in urine.*

Passwan is specially and scientifically prepared with the essence of the traditional Chinese medicine. Its clinical use proves its excellent effect without any side-effect and is thus generally applied for the treatment of different kinds of “LIN”.*


Chinese Pin Yin

Common Name

Latin Name

Jin Qian Cao

Lysimachia (Christina Loosestrife herb)

Herba Lysimachiae

Hai Jin Sha

Lygodium Spore (Japanese climbing fern spore)

Spora Lygodii

Ji Nei Jing

Chicken's gizzard skin

Endothelium corneum gigeriae galli

Shi Wei

Pyrrosia Leaf (Japanese felt fern frond)

Folium Pyrrosiae

Ze Lan


Herba Lycopi

Niu Xi

Cyathula Root

Radix Cyathulae

Dong Kui Zi

Abutilon (Cluster Mallow Seed)

Semen Malvae

Che Chian Zi

Plantain Seed

Semen Plantaginis

Other ingredients: Honey


Difficulty passing urine, stones present in urine, blood in urine, urinary tract infection, lower abdominal pain.


Take 6 to 8 pills, 3 times a day with warm water.


Manufacturer: Ting Yen, Inc.



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